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“I never knew Barbara had a Jag. Always wanted to drive one of those.”

The XJ from Shaun of the Dead

Next stop, The Winchester.

Shaun of the Dead was on TV last night and it brought to mind two things.

a)    God, it’s a brilliant movie

b)   Why does seeing Jaguars on telly make me so happy?

I’m not a Jaguar owner (anymore), but I do love them. So whenever one turns up on screen, it’s like a spotting a cameo from an obscure actor that you’ve always loved – and possibly thought was dead. A bit like when Ollie Reed turned up in Gladiator. You didn’t care what he was saying, you just wanted to cheer every time he appeared.

Anyway, I thought I’d start a blog dedicated to all things Jaguar in TV, film and pop culture in general, with a few other bits and pieces thrown in.

Slightly Caddish? If you have any interest in Jaguar at all, you’ll remember the classic Top Gear riff on what makes a Jag a Jaaaaaag.

Amazingly, I was looking online for a screenplay of the movie to get a closer look and it turns out, they’ve just released a brilliant interactive version as part of the general hoopla for The World’s End.

Jag-wise, the pages you want are 104-137.

Although, I have to say, my favourite line of all is not dialogue at all but a scene heading:

INT.              JAG             – AFTERNOON

(Comes a close second to ‘Exit, pursued by bear’ in great script directions of all time.)

I also want to do a feature on why the Jag was so expertly cast as the perfect vehicle for eluding comedy zombies in suburban North London, but that’s a longer post.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the exact model on IMCDB.

And do check out the interactive screenplay. It’s awesome.


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